Anatoly Malykhin explained why he knelt before the boss

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The reigning two-weight champion of the ONE Championship, Anatoly Malykhin, responded to fans who found it humiliating that the Russian knelt before the president of the Asian organization, Chatri Sityodtong, after defeating Arzhan Bullar in a unification bout.

“Now I live, and my son doesn’t need anything – he can eat any food, my wife can fly business class, and when I first came to Thailand, I couldn’t even buy a stroller for my child,” the Russian fighter said in an interview with the Ushatayka channel. “And no matter what anyone says, I’m ready to carry the boss in my arms. I am ready to kneel down and carry him in my arms. This is just a tribute to the person who believed in me, who appreciates my work, my dedication, my devotion “

“Getting up on your knees, paying him some kind of tribute is the least that I can do for him, seeing the joyful eyes of my wife every day, my son, my mother. When I tell my mother – go and take what you want, don’t look at the prices, if you want, go and have a rest in a sanatorium. I’ve been through a lot, I haven’t had the easiest career, I’ve had hard times and I can see what’s going on with my life now thanks to Mr. Chatri. I am very grateful to him. So people have their vision, I have mine.”

Recall that Anatoly Malykhin owns the ONE Championship titles in light heavyweight and heavyweight, but is not going to stop there and plans to take away the championship belt in the middleweight category from the Dutchman Renier de Ridder.

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