Former UFC champion Moreno makes his wrestling debut with a broken arm

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A week after a controversial five-round loss to Brazil’s Alexandre Pantoja at UFC 290 in Las Vegas, former UFC flyweight champion Brandon Moreno made his professional wrestling debut at the Lucha Libre AAA event in Mexico City.

The performance of the Mexican, who took part in the team fight, was not hindered even by a broken right arm in the title fight.

After being slapped by a wrestler named Daga, Moreno landed a roundhouse body kick to his opponent, added a jumping knee, and then went on an armbar, but was forced to release the hold after a teammate came to his opponent’s aid.

Recall that the flyweight title fight between Brandon Moreno and Alexandre Pantozha, which became the second most important event of the next numbered UFC event, went the whole distance and ended with the Brazilian’s victory by a separate judicial decision, and the Mexican spent almost all 25 minutes of the match with a broken arm, getting injured at the very beginning.

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