Nate Diaz Receives $10 Million Offer for MMA Fight

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Former UFC lightweight title contender Nate Diaz is up for $10 million if he decides to return to mixed martial arts.

At least that’s what his rival Jake Paul claims, with whom Diaz will face a professional boxing match in less than a month.

“For the clowns who say ‘why don’t you fight Nate Diaz in a cage’ – I suggested that to him from the very beginning,” the popular American blogger wrote on the social network. “Ten million dollars to fight me in the PFL after we have a boxing match on August 5th. Offer still stands, Nathan.”

At the beginning of this year, Jake Paul, who in a short time became one of the most recognizable figures in the martial arts world, signed a long-term agreement with the PFL league, where he plans to make his debut in mixed martial arts and perform in the so-called Superfights division.

Recall that the professional boxing match between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz will be the main event of the boxing evening, which will take place on August 5 in Dallas.

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