“For the first time in my life after the battle I didn’t go on a spree”

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Popular Russian heavyweight Alexander Emelianenko, who is undergoing rehabilitation in one of the specialized centers in Ingushetia, spoke about his health after a month of treatment for alcohol addiction.

“I realized that I can’t cope with my problems on my own,” Emelianenko said. “And for the first time in my life after the fight, I didn’t go on a spree, but I lead a healthy lifestyle in the center, I train, I draw conclusions from mistakes”

“There is a small gym in the rehabilitation center – the guys allow me to keep fit, because after rehabilitation I am going to continue to work out, perform, delight you with my victories. I’m still young. Heavyweights begin to mature by the age of thirty or forty, gaining courage, confidence, strength and getting stronger.

The heavyweight also commented on the words of promoter Vladimir Khryunov that in October or November his rematch with Mikhail Koklyaev could take place.

“I don’t choose my opponents. Khryunov is my manager. Everything is at his discretion. Whomever he puts in, I am ready to fight with him, I am ready to beat him ”

On May 26, Alexander Emelianenko fought at the next show of the REN TV Fight Club, finishing as a kimura in the second round of blogger Evgeny Ershov. At the same time, the heavyweight was in poor physical shape, barely moved, and in the first round he essentially lost the fight by technical knockout, however, the referee allowed him to recover and continue the meeting.

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