Ngannou’s team about the fee for the fight with Fury

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Francis Ngannou’s manager, Markel Martin, discussed the Cameroonian’s fee for the boxing match against Tyson Fury, and also answered a question about the status of the upcoming fight.

“Let’s put it this way: a bag of money so huge that he could drop it on the way to the bank,” Martin said in the next edition of the MMA Hour program. “Haters can say whatever they want – they were wrong again. This is a life changing event. This is exactly what we planned and visualized, so we are happy.”

At the same time, the manager answered yes to the question of whether the Predator’s fee exceeds the entire amount that he earned in fourteen fights in the UFC, including three title ones.

“Oh my God, of course. Far exceeds. Several times. To earn that kind of money, even as a champion, he would have to fight many times.”

Martin also commented on the information that the WBC heavyweight boxing title, owned by the British, will not be at stake.

“This is a real fight. We didn’t sign up for games. As for the WBC title, we plan to talk to the WBC about licensing. This is our plan. Perhaps the championship belt will still be at stake. And we will do everything possible to get the result of this match into a professional record.”

Recall that the boxing match between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou will take place on October 28 in Saudi Arabia.

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