“Adesanya has no right to lose to Du Plessis”

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“I asked Joe Rogan what was the matter, because Joe knows everything in the world, and he told me, ‘Drikus is a descendant of the Dutch who took over Africa and staged apartheid,’” Cormier said in another video posted on his channel on YouTube. “After that, he sent me some links on the topic, and the more I got into it, the more I began to understand why Izzy was so upset. I didn’t like the use of the ‘n’ word, but when you tell three African champions that they are not African, you have to understand that these guys will get upset.”

“This whole situation is very ugly, but it will be a fantastic fight that we won’t have to wait too long. This will happen in Australia in nine weeks. Drykus didn’t take any damage, so they will fight in September. From a historical point of view, this fight will not solve anything, it will not cancel the colonization, but if Izzy wins, he will feel great. But do you have any idea what will happen if Izzy loses? This is the only guy that Izzy just has no right to lose. He can’t lose to him. For the first time he is in a situation where he has no right to defeat.

According to the UFC plan, a middleweight title fight between Israel Adesanya and Dricus Du Plessis is set to headline UFC 293 on September 9 in Sydney.

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