Alexander Emelianenko forced blogger Yevgeny Ershov to surrender

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The popular Russian heavyweight Alexander Emelianenko returned his career to a successful track in the confrontation with blogger Yevgeny Ershov, however, the duel, which led the next show of the REN TV Fight Club, left more questions than answers.

Already in the first round, Ershov managed to shock Emelianenko with a left hand, after which he began to pursue the retreating heavyweight, forcing him to go into a deaf defense and crouch at the net. Having timely intervened, the referee stopped the finishing off, but instead of fixing an early victory for Ershov, he helped Emelianenko get up and allowed him to continue the fight.

The blogger was no longer zealous and let the veteran survive until the end of the round, and after the break, he unexpectedly held a takedown, gave Emelianenko his left hand for a painful hold, and a few seconds later signaled surrender, demonstrating a grimace of pain.

In an interview after the fight, Alexander Emelianenko announced that he was ready to give immediate revenge to Yevgeny Ershov, specifying that he would like to fight him according to the rules of boxing in MMA gloves. In addition, the heavyweight promised to put himself in order and go to the next fight in good physical shape.

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