Blogger Ershov denies that the fight with Emelianenko was bogus

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Having lost to Alexander Emelianenko with a suspicious painful hold at the next show of the REN TV Fight Club, blogger Evgeny Ershov denies that his fight with the popular heavyweight was of a contractual nature.

“I did not give in,” Ershov said, answering journalists’ questions after the fight. “Experience. Kimura. I am zero in the fight. I went into wrestling because I didn’t want to hit in the head. These are fights, I understand that he is an adversary, but what will I prove if I throw myself and hit? I had a task to hold a duel, arrange a sports festival for the spectators. This is not a professional fight, it does not go to the record. This is an exhibition, beautiful, demonstration fight. We did it, I think”

I had to answer this question and the organizer of the event, the Russian promoter Vladimir Khryunov.

“The fight was an exhibition, but there was no script,” Khryunov said. “The sports formula of the fight was changed – three rounds of two minutes each. It really turns out to be an exhibition fight, because there is no such formula in the official rules, and we made such a decision because, as you saw, Sasha had a bandage on his shoulder, and this bundle did not work. He couldn’t work with that hand.”

According to what rules the fight took place, even the commentators of the show, one of which was the former WBC world boxing champion, Grigory Drozd, could not understand.

Recall that in the first round, the referee, instead of fixing Yershov’s victory with a technical knockout, allowed Emelianenko, who was crouching near the net, to get up and continue the fight, and after the break, the blogger immediately went into the fight, transferred the opponent, gave his hand to a painful hold and signaled surrender.

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