Jon Jones responded to Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou

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The current UFC heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, is not going to box with Tyson Fury, who refused to share the octagon with him and invited the American to the boxing ring.

“Yesterday Tyson said, ‘No man born to a mother can beat me,’ and today, ‘John will never beat me in a boxing ring.’ I’m glad we cleared that up. You just changed the rhythm faster than Travis Barker – that’s impressive,” Jones wrote on the social network, comparing the Brit to the drummer of the band “Blink-182”.

Jones also responded to a fan who asked him if he planned to take Francis Ngannou’s advice and “cross the street”.

“I’m the undefeated champion, I’m the A-side, it’s their job to come to me,” the UFC title holder said.

According to the UFC plan, in November of this year, Jon Jones will defend the championship belt against Stipe Miocic, a duel with which could be the last in his career.

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