Francis Ngannou responds to criticism of UFC President

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Former UFC heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou, did not ignore the statement of Dan White, who criticized the contract of the Cameroonian heavyweight with the PFL league at a press conference in Las Vegas.

“What is your problem with me?” The Predator wrote on the social network. “1. I worked out my contract, became a free agent, and decided to leave. You didn’t fire me. 2. I hate taking risks? So, in order to fulfill the contract, I defended my belt with torn ligaments? 3. The reason why I fought three times in three years is because you wanted to control my current contract and sign a new one and froze me as a result. ‘I owe the guys three fights a year.’ Are these not your words? Then what happened? All three years I asked and never refused fights.

“I am finally getting paid and treated with respect – I have a deal that is fair and equal for all parties. Why are you so opposed to me being free and happy? If you really want a Jon Jones fight, go to Pete Murray in the PFL.”

Ngannou also recalled how after the UFC 260 tournament, in the main event of which he knocked out Stipe Miocic and won the heavyweight championship belt, Dana White advised Jon Jones to think about moving to middleweight.

“So who is really afraid? John, me…or you? Decide already!” Ngannou added, posting the corresponding video.

“If I was Jon Jones and watched this fight at home, I would start thinking about moving up to middleweight,” the UFC president said at the time.

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