Kamil Hajiyev reacted to the accusations of Alexander Emelianenko

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President of AMC Fight Nights Kamil Gadzhiev responded to the insulting attack of Alexander Emelianenko, who got angry with the promoter because of his opinion about the upcoming heavyweight fight against pop MMA representative and blogger Yevgeny Ershov.

“His artistic gift is quite developed, for which many fans love him, so he says everything he says with a certain expression,” Gadzhiev said in an interview with the Ushatayka channel. “I didn’t get offended. Sasha shakes, he gave you food for headlines. If you start to formally approach what he says, then he is completely wrong. When he says, ‘Kamil Gadzhiev ruined’, then Kamil Gadzhiev first created, and ruined, or not, this is relative”

According to Gadzhiev, he does not take seriously even the accusations of stealing from sponsors, which were voiced by Emelianenko.

“On the other hand, why take the words of Alexander Emelianenko so seriously? I look at everything he says as a joke. Even if he insulted me directly, I would also think about whether it is worth paying attention to this, understanding what state he is in, in principle, what state his brain is in as a whole. He doesn’t analyze what he says. He says whatever comes to mind. And this has its own charm. Sanya says whatever comes to mind, but it turns out to be quite fun in general. He is still more fun than many characters who fight well and don’t drink at all.”

At the same time, Hajiyev still believes that Yevgeny Ershov is the favorite in the confrontation with Alexander Emelianenko.

“I actually really think that Ershov is the favorite in the fight with Emelianenko. The main question is what Emelianenko is now. If he is in the state in which we all assume, then Ershov will win. If Emelianenko is in some relatively normal form, then the chances are evened out. It’s just a matter of his condition.”

Recall that an unprofessional duel according to MMA rules between Alexander Emelianenko and Yevgeny Ershov will take place on May 26 at the REN TV Fight Club tournament.

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