Revealed the details of the new contract between Jon Jones and the UFC

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Jon Jones’ manager, Richard Schaefer, has revealed some details of a new deal with the UFC that makes him the highest paid heavyweight in the organization’s history.

“I think the UFC has realized that Jon Jones is the greatest fighter of all time,” Schaefer said on The MMA Hour. “He’s a top talent of a generation, so they were very interested and open to working with us, and as a result, we got a fair deal. This deal makes John the highest paid heavyweight in the organization’s history and the second highest paid heavyweight behind Conor McGregor. Both sides wanted to make a deal, and they found a way to do it.”

For the vacant UFC heavyweight title fight between Jon Jones and Cyril Gan to become a reality, both sides had to make concessions, according to Schaefer.

“This contract made both parties happy, but for that to happen, both sides had to give in a little. As a result, we were very pleased, and I’m sure the UFC is also pleased with this agreement. John is delighted to be back and fighting for the heavyweight championship.”

At the same time, the manager said that the words of the UFC president that Jon Jones signed a new eight-fight contract are not entirely true.

“John had an eight-fight contract in the light heavyweight division, and he didn’t have any heavyweight options. It’s not exactly a new deal. This is an adjustment to the current agreement that includes a heavyweight clause. Not that he was free and made a new deal, no. He was under a contract with the UFC, but we changed him a little.”

Earlier, UFC President Dana White officially announced that the current division champion, Francis Ngannou, had left the organization, and Jon Jones and Cyril Gun would play the vacated title on March 4 at UFC 285 in Las Vegas.

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