Curtis Blades responded to Cyril Gan’s challenge

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“It should be him, for sure,” Razor told Fanatics View. “I know he will be healthy in January. I’ll give him eight weeks so we can do it in April.”

If the fight with Gan is not scheduled, Blades is ready to insure a title fight between Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones, scheduled for March next year.

“I don’t mind being a substitute because with John you never know for sure. I’ll be there and I’ll be ready. Fighting John for the interim title is good consolation, but I need a real belt. Anyway, after the holidays, I’ll be back home and start preparing, whether it’s a fight with Gan, or a fight for the title. Let’s see how things turn out”

The fact that Curtis Blades could become a substitute in the title fight between Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones was previously reported by informed sources close to the situation.

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