Ismailov received a bottle at the weigh-in, “Joker” promises to arrange an execution

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Participants of the six-round boxing match, Magomed Ismailov and Alexander Ilich, went through the official weigh-in procedure, and also gave final comments before the fight, which will headline the PRAVDA Boxing league event on October 7.

Both fighters had no problems getting into the limit of the weight category stipulated by the contract. A native of Serbia recorded 90.05 kg, and the Russian showed 90.75 kg.

During the weigh-in, Ismailov made a small performance for the audience, allowing his second Vagab Vagabov to break a bottle on his head.

“I go there to box,” said the Bald Predator after weighing in. “Has anyone seen me doing long reconnaissance? If I enter, I fight, and then we will see who can stay on their feet longer.

“I feel great, as always,” Ilic said. “I will do my best, as I did in Yekaterinburg a month ago, and execute another legend. You’re looking at a new sensation, a new brand, and it’s called the Joker.”

Tomorrow, the evening of boxing PRAVDA Boxing will be shown live by the REN TV channel.

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