Benil Dariush replied to Michael Chandler

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“Honestly, I think he’s just trying to hype,” Dariusz quotes MMAJunkie. “I don’t think he seriously counts on it, but if it happens, it will be just a circus, some kind of clown show. The guy recently got a title shot, lost, and then lost again. It just doesn’t make sense. After I beat Gamroth, I don’t think anyone can beat me.”

Moreover, Dariush believes that Chandler will not be able to pass Poirier.

“In three rounds of 60 to 40, I bet on Dustin. Simply because Michael Chandler is too focused on his showmanship, which comes at the expense of his skills. I think he can do better. What is his record, 2-2 in the UFC? With the right mentality, he could be undefeated, but he is too focused on the spectacle of his performances, and therefore lost two fights.

Recall that the lightweight fight between Benil Dariush and Mateusz Gamrot will take place on October 22 at UFC 280 in Abu Dhabi, and Dustin Poirier and Michael Chandler will share the octagon on November 12 at UFC 281 in New York.

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