Albert Tumenov successfully returned to the ACA league

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The fight, which became the second most important event of the ACA 146 tournament held in Grozny, went through all three rounds and ended with the victory of “Einstein” by unanimous decision with a score of 30-27 three times and 29-28 twice.

At the end of the first round, Tumenov knocked down his opponent, breaking through a tough series of three blows towards him, however, he failed to finish the fight ahead of schedule, allowing Hiramogomedov to drag himself to the ground. In the second five-minute period, Hiramagomedov relied on the fight, but spent so much energy on keeping Tumenov that by the end of the round he could hardly stand on his feet, and in the final segment of the match both fighters looked tired, having stepped up to the final siren.

After the fight, the reigning ACA welterweight champion, Abubakar Vagaev, rose to the cage, who was critical of Albert Tumenov’s performance, but made it clear that he was ready to defend the belt against him.

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