Dana White showed the current physical form

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UFC President, Dana White, who lost almost 15 kilograms in two and a half months, demonstrated to the fans his current physical form.

The head of the strongest league in the world posted the corresponding photo on social networks.

White said in a recent interview that he was motivated to change his lifestyle and quality of life by meeting a so-called “mortality specialist” who, using blood and DNA tests, determined that he had ten and a half years to live.

According to the head of the UFC, he was very frightened by such a prospect, and took the specialist’s recommendations very seriously.

“I did everything he recommended,” White, 53, said. “I lost 30 pounds (13.6 kg). Some thirteen weeks ago, my legs were in a terrible state – I could not even bend over and tie my shoelaces. Some days I could barely walk. And I don’t snore anymore. All these problems disappeared in ten weeks.”

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