Damir Ismagulov may leave UFC

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The Russian lightweight, representing Kazakhstan in the strongest league in the world, said this in an interview with Vestnik MMA.

“The contract is ending, and after this fight, I think they will offer me conditions, and everything will depend on these conditions,” Ismagulov said. “The problem is that I want to fight as often as possible, but they won’t let me, and I have to wait a long time. I want to fight where I will be given fights”

“Of course, the UFC belt is my goal. I think after this fight, in case of victory, there will be some clarity. I know what I’m capable of. I could pick up belts in other organizations, less well-known, but where my fee will be more, where it will not be so that I spend all my fee on training, and the family has nothing left. To be honest, I’m tired of doing this. I know my worth and I think that my fee should triple.”

Recall that the fight between Damir Ismagulov and Arman Tsarukyan will take place on December 17 at the UFC Fight Night tournament in Las Vegas.

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