Hajiyev’s reaction to Shlemenko’s speech: “He stopped being dangerous”

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“We must give Sanya his due – he pulled out this fight,” Hajiyev said, talking to reporters. “Because at the end of the first round it seemed to me that today is not his day, to put it mildly. He is very tired, but he can even fight against the background of fatigue, not cheat on himself. Turntables, backfists, choke attempt in the third round – spectacular, good fight, a natural draw “

According to Hajiyev, Shlemenko entered this fight not in his best shape.

“Sanya couldn’t keep up the pace, because he stopped being dangerous. He fought and fought, but the sharpness and accuracy disappeared – by the end of the battle it was no longer believed that he could finish. I don’t think he prepared much for this fight. If earlier Sanya could pull out the fight with some kind of blow to the liver, then this time it didn’t even smell of it. ”

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