Vladimir Mineev spoke about visiting the military registration and enlistment office

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The reigning AMC Fight Nights middleweight champion, Vladimir Mineev, who received a subpoena as part of a partial mobilization, will serve his country in the intelligence of the Airborne Forces.

Mineev, who visited the draft board the day before, spoke about this in an interview with Match TV.

“They said that they were taking them into intelligence, most likely,” the Russian fighter said. “They gave me time to get together, I should be here next week. Where I will go to the training camp has not yet been clarified. Probably in the suburbs”

“I came on the agenda, served a term and a contract in the Airborne Forces, and therefore received it. I wish volunteers to dress warmer, winter is coming soon. So far, I only have the spirit of a conscript, and the combat one will appear already in position. ”

“The motherland must always be defended, and not only where many of us go. You must always get up at the anthem, know it. It is necessary to treat the military banners and symbols of the country with dignity and pride, to serve in the army. For me, patriotism is learned with mother’s milk.

Earlier, the president of AMC Fight Nights, Kamil Gadzhiev, expressed hope that the title fight between Vladimir Mineev and Sharabutdin Magomedov, scheduled for March next year, could still take place.

32-year-old Vladimir Mineev fought his last fight two weeks ago at the Lotus Cup tournament in Elista in a kickboxing match ahead of schedule defeating the Bosnian Erko Jun.

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