Kamil Hajiyev’s reaction to the fall of Alexander Emelianenko

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The President of AMC Fight Nights, Kamil Gadzhiev, was not at all surprised that the boxing match between Alexander Emelianenko and Vyacheslav Datsik, who had headlined the Hardcore Boxing event in Moscow the day before, ended in the twelfth second with the victory of “Red Tarzan” by knockout.

“The fact that Sasha lost so quickly by knockout is absolutely not a sensation, and maybe even for the better – it’s better for health, he missed fewer blows,” Gadzhiev said in an interview with the Ushatayka channel. “He can continue his career, but he needs non-hitters. With the same Monson it was great. He looks good against the background of not hitting guys. Even sometimes cool, but without a hit. If he finds such people, then everything will be fine. Rematch with Koklyaev, for example. Misha is also a hitter, but there is a man without a boxing class.

Accordingly, Hajiyev believes that Emelianenko should abandon the idea of ​​taking revenge on Datsik.

“Just not a rematch with Datsik. Datsik is a puncher. When you start to answer him, he can be blown away, as Karimov answered him, but Sasha will not be able to answer him in such a way as to stop him. The coordination of movements is not the same there.”

According to Hajiyev, the defeat of Emelianenko will not greatly affect his fee, since the heavyweight is still able to gather viewers.

“It can still be estimated at five to ten million, because it will still collect the hall. But now he needs not to be blown away, not to break. He must continue to train, and say – yes, I hurried. If he can keep his tone for another three-four-five months, he will still gather people.”

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