Marif Piraev offered Nariman Abbasov six million rubles for revenge

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Russian fighter Marif Piraev offered Nariman Abbasov a guaranteed fee of six million rubles if the AMC Fight Nights lightweight champion agrees to a rematch with him in the welterweight division.

“Nariman, sign the contract – I’m ready to come to Baku, I think we will assemble a stadium there, and this fight will be of interest to many,” Piraev said in a video posted on the organization’s social networks. “I treat you very well, with respect, as an athlete, as a person. Let’s go out, kill ourselves, show a great fight! I think everyone will like it, everyone is waiting for this fight, and you will earn good money.

“I, as the head of the league, support this, because, firstly, I want a big event, and secondly, I want everyone to earn money. And I will deal with Marif’s fee myself, ”added the president of the league, Kamil Gadzhiev.

Recall that last week Marif Piraev made an unsuccessful attempt to take away the title from the Azerbaijani fighter, losing to him by technical knockout at the end of the second round due to the corner’s refusal to continue the fight.

After the fight, which led the AMC Fight Nights 112 tournament in Moscow, Kamil Gadzhiev suggested that the reason for the defeat of the Russian was a difficult weight race, during which he drove about twenty kilograms.

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