Fedor Emelianenko gave a description of Alexander Shlemenko

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“Alexander touched on a topic that he either does not own, or the person simply has no conscience at all,” Emelianenko said in an interview with the Ushatayka channel. “His answer shows that the second is probably closer”

According to Emelianenko, Shlemenko has been hostile to him personally and to his team since the moment he lost to Anatoly Tokov under the Bellator banner.

“Alexander Shlemenko knows when to say respectfully and when disrespectfully. You just need to read all his comments about me. But it’s more unpleasant for me when Alexander begins to pour unpleasant words on the same Anatoly Tokov, who defeated him in a fair fight. And Alexander begins to simply vilify him. Well, you can’t come to terms with this defeat – don’t pour it out, don’t make yourself an unscrupulous blogger. Tolik defeated him in America, and there was nothing biased there “

“If you read it, you can see that he is no, no, but bites my guys. I do not like it. Let him pour on me as much as he likes. We, me and my team, every time worried about him and his guys. We worried for Koreshkov, for Sarnavsky, for all his guys, as if they were our own, but only negative things come to us from the other side, as if we did something bad, borrowed money, and did not give it back ”

Recall that at the end of March, Fedor Emelianenko left the post of chairman of the supervisory board of the MMA Union of Russia, expressing disagreement with the policy of the federation’s leadership, and a month later initiated the procedure for removing Radmir Gabdullin from office, suggesting that the former sparring partner and colleague resign of their own free will.

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