Marvin Vettori replied to Paulo Costa

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Former UFC middleweight title contender Marvin Vettori, left without an opponent due to an injury to Robert Whittaker, does not plan to go out for an immediate rematch with Paulo Costa, who announced his readiness to replace the retired Australian.

“He’s trying to get a fight, but he’s going to have to back off,” BloodyElbow quoted the Italian as saying. “You tried to play dirty, but I beat you, mate. That’s all. Find someone else. There’s no reason for me to fight that bastard again. Fuck him. I beat him despite being over 20 pounds. I got the money and the win. So just get off me, man! The conversation is over”

In October last year, Marvin Vettori defeated Paulo Costa via a five-round unanimous decision, with the Brazilian failing to keep the weight down, making the bout go to light heavyweight.

Recall that the fight between Marvin Vettori and Robert Whittaker was supposed to take place on June 11 at UFC 275 in Singapore.

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