“I was told that I would be declared the winner in the fight with Nemkov”

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Bellator light heavyweight grand prix finalist Corey Anderson explained why he started celebrating his victory after a title fight against Vadim Nemkov was stopped late in the third round due to a cut sustained by the Russian fighter from an accidental headbutt.

“The Bellator guys told me that I was going to be declared the winner because I won on points, so I am happy to fly up to the cage, my mother is crying, my family in the hall is jumping for happiness, and I see a check for one million dollars that is entered into hall, ”said the American fighter in an interview with ESPN. “Suddenly the referee comes back and tells me that there are five seconds left in the round and that we had to go through the third round to the end to declare the winner.”

Anderson expects a rematch with Nemkov to take place in the next few months, and considers the outcome of the match a foregone conclusion.

“They said we would do it again as soon as he was healthy. I was assured that he would be back at training camp right away and I wouldn’t have to wait too long. I hope the fight will take place within the next few months. He can train as much as he wants. Even if we have ten fights, all ten times the result will be the same – I will dominate and beat him, this cannot be changed. ”

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