Vadim Nemkov and Corey Anderson: words before the fight

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Participants in the final match of the Bellator Light Heavyweight Grand Prix, Vadim Nemkov and Corey Anderson, shared their expectations from the upcoming fight, in which the Russian fighter will defend the championship belt.

“I want to win this fight and prove to everyone that I am the best in my division,” Nemkov said at a press conference for the Bellator 277 tournament. “And I want to win a million dollars”

“This Grand Prix and each of his fights are very important to me. A beautiful victory is very important for me, and every fight is a new stage in my career, so you need to win and defeat worthy opponents. As I said, this is a big fight for me, and the fact that Corey fought strong fighters in the UFC only motivates me.”

In turn, Anderson made it clear that his main goal is not a million dollars, but a champion title.

“A million dollars is cool, I can afford a lot and buy my family, but I need a championship belt,” said the American fighter. “In the end, I want to loudly declare that I am the best in the world, so that all those who doubted me will be quiet at once”

“I had my ups and downs, people put an end to my career, but I revived my career by completely changing my view of the fighting game. Now this is not a fighting game for me, but a fighting business. I became a businessman – hungry, serious and prudent. I no longer worry about trifles – I go out, do my job, and leave with a sense of accomplishment. When I take things seriously and do what I have to do, I am invulnerable.”

Recall that the light heavyweight title fight will be the second most important event of the event, which will take place on April 15 in San Jose, California, USA.

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