Petr Yan accused Aljamain Sterling of hypocrisy

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Continuing to accuse Petr Yan of deliberately breaking the rules, the reigning UFC bantamweight champion, Aljamain Sterling, demonstrates an extreme degree of hypocrisy, since in the previous fight with the Russian fighter he was the first to strike his opponent with a forbidden blow, which can hardly be called accidental.

A video with a fragment from the first fight, where an American in the middle of the first round hits him with a hammerfist from behind on the neck and back of the head, was published by the Russian on social networks.

“Hypocritical bitch!” Yang added in a comment.

Recall that in the fourth round of the title fight, which took place in March last year, Petr Yan misjudged the position of the opponent and struck him with an illegal knee to the head, after which Aljamain Sterling refused to continue the fight and became the first fighter in the history of the organization to receive the title thanks to disqualification of the reigning champion.

The long-awaited rematch between Jan and Sterling, which will combine the interim and current bantamweight titles, will take place on April 9 at UFC 273 in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

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