Joe Rogan lashes out at Will Smith

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UFC lead commentator Joe Rogan is not thrilled about the scene that famous actor Will Smith staged at the recent Oscars ceremony, punching comedian Chris Rock for joking about his wife.

“This whole scene is a great example of how someone famous can come up and punch another person in the face – I think it was a sign of weakness,” Rogan said in another edition of his podcast. “Chris Rock didn’t offend anyone – it was the most harmless hair joke ever, referring to a movie where a woman shaved her head. The idea that this was a fair reckoning does not climb into any gates. What was evil and offensive in this joke? Will Smith showed emotional weakness – he acted impulsively and was stunningly stupid.”

“It felt like he was in some kind of fictional movie where it was considered smart to go on stage at one of the biggest award shows on Earth and hit a comedian for a joke. And then sit back and say with a shaky voice, ‘Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth!’ And at the same time, everyone should sit and look at the shit that you dumped for everyone to see. You just dropped your pants and put a pile on the dining table and everyone should just sit and stare at it. That’s what it looked like. It was disgusting and stank.”

Earlier, representatives of the fighting community spoke out about this incident, and opinions were divided – some supported Smith, others Rock, and someone decided that the scene was set up in advance.

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