The fighting world reacted to the fight between Will Smith and Chris Rock

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The fighting community did not ignore the scandalous Oscar ceremony, during which Hollywood star Will Smith hit the host of the show, Chris Rock, for joking about his wife.

Smith’s wife, Jada, is known to suffer from a hair loss disorder, and the comedian, addressing her from the stage, said ‘I’m looking forward to GI Jane 2’, alluding to her shaved head.

After that, Smith, who at first laughed at the joke along with everyone, suddenly decided to go up on stage and slap Rock in the face.

Dana White: This Oscar show is worth watching. And Chris Rock has a jaw”

Michael Bisping: “Will Smith is a fucking legend”

Jake Paul: “Somebody give me someone who represents Will Smith in boxing. I have $15 million for him and $15 million for Chris Rock. Let’s do it in August on my undercard!”

Jon Jones: Have you seen the Oscars? Will Smith acted like a gangster, and Chris Rock, like an absolute professional, continued the show.

Daniel Cormier: “Now it’s hard to surprise me with something, but watching Will Smith hit Chris Rock was a big surprise! I’m really amazed that this happened.”

Sean Strickland: “If it was Colby Covington, he would be dialing 911 by now. Good exposure, Chris Rock. You took it like a man. Now you need to catch him in the parking lot”

Dan Hardy: “I can’t get my head around that people bought into this. It was clearly a cinematic movement.”

Later, Will Smith, who won his first Oscar for Best Actor in King Richard, burst into tears as he apologized for his temper to those present.

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