Jon Jones reacted to the publication of the video of his arrest

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Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, whose last year’s arrest was leaked today, has revealed that his common-law wife, who was beaten by him last September, has not been living with him for two months and has no intention of returning.

“My fiancée left me about two months ago and today she finally decided she won’t be back,” Jones tweeted. “If you hate Jon Jones, you can point it out, because I feel like a **** o”

In September last year, Jon Jones was inducted into the UFC Hall of Famer at a ceremony held in Las Vegas, and the same night he was arrested by the local police department for beating their mother in front of his three daughters in a hotel room. As a result, the woman refused to press charges, so the ex-UFC champion managed to get away with a fine.

However, after this incident, Jones had to leave the Jackson-Wink MMA club, with which he came to success in mixed martial arts.

Note that the last joint family video in the social networks of John Jones is dated December last year.

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