“Khabib ran away, and Chimaev is ready to fight anyone”

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“Khabib would not have kept his zero for a long time, and he understands this, so he left on time,” Schokk said in an interview with Sport24. “True legends like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, they went through both victory and defeat in their fighting path – they went through the path of a warrior to the end. And Khabib, such an impression, just ran away from the battlefield.

“As for Khamzat Chimaev, here’s the simplest example for you – Khabib went to Tyson, and then told what he didn’t like about Tyson, and Khamzat said that he didn’t go to Tyson because he didn’t like about the same thing. Khamzat said that he did not want to condemn, everyone lives as they want, but at the same time he did not go, because he is a Chechen, a Muslim, and he does not agree with some things in Tyson. Simply without any negativity, he refused. Here’s the difference. I believe Khamzat Chimaev, because he says and does, and Khabib says one thing and does another.”

“Next, look at the fights between Khabib and Chimaev. Chimaev makes spectacular fights, and I like him as a fighter. This is a spectacular powerful fighter, whom everyone is afraid of, who does not choose his opponents. Khamzat is ready to fight with anyone, and does not worry about his zero, because, as it seems to me, he does not care at all. He just wants to get in the cage and fight. That’s why I like him”

Schokk also said that he has no liking for the former Bellator middleweight champion, Alexander Shlemenko.

“Shlemenko has the same middle ages of the brain, only the mirror-opposite hemisphere. Shlemenko’s behavior and Khabib’s behavior converge on some topics, and it annoys me equally.

Note that in November last year, Schokk held a boxing match in MMA gloves against Russian rapper Zhigan, winning by unanimous decision.

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